New Small Dogs Meetup Group In Mississauga Toronto

mississauga gta toronto small dogs meetup group

Small Dogs Meetup Group

I’ve been a member for a number of years and my social Meetup group called GTA Free Spirits is doing very well since its formation just over a year ago.  Although there are a few dog owners among GTA Free Spirits, the vast majority of our members are not pet owners.

I’ve searched for dog related Meetup groups in my Mississauga area and although there are a few in the GTA, many of them are not active.  Some are just fronts for dog day care businesses and therefore mostly indoor events.

I wanted to search for a Meetup group that is specifically catered to owners of small dogs and mostly outdoor events such as outings to leash free dog parks.  My search came up empty.

So since my own Meetup group is doing so well, I thought that it’s time for me to expand and create my own small dogs Meetup group especially for Mississauga and surrounding GTA.

Mississauga GTA Small Dogs Meetup Group

So the new Meetup group called Mississauga GTA Small Dogs Outings has just been created.  I have already filled the month of June with events including outings to local leash free dog parks which my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie go to during the weekends and a few midweek hikes along nature trails which are actually joint events with my social group GTA Free Spirits.

I will try to post a leash free dog park outing each weekend from spring through autumn season.  The summer might get too hot for nature hikes but spring and fall will feature these for sure as joint events with GTA Free Spirits.

I want my Lhasa Apso dogs to get more social opportunities with other small dogs especially at the dog parks.  I have noticed that the smaller dogs tend to socialize together while the bigger dogs tend to stick together with their own groups too.  Sometimes Chester and Roxie end up being the only small dogs during our outings and by creating this new small dogs Meetup group, I hope that more small dogs can visit the dog parks at the same time we are there.

So if you own a small dog with body weight 25 pounds or less and you live in the Mississauga and surrounding GTA (west Toronto) region, feel free to join up with Mississauga GTA Small Dogs Outings.

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