New Dog Playtime And Socialization Video

Here’s another short video shot last week while there was still some snow left on the ground (all gone now).  It’s got both my dogs Chester and Roxie with their neighbour friend Michael the Maltese.  Chester and Michael play together much more while Roxie generally prefers not to but will still do some interaction.

Dog socialization like this is very beneficial to canine well being since dogs are naturally pack animals.  However, in this modern age of mostly single dog households, it’s very easy to get into the trap where many dogs do not have the chance to interact with other dogs and will develop fear in the presense of any other dogs.  We have a few such dogs in our neighbourhood and the owners generally avoid letting their dogs out when the social ones are out now.  This of course is a real shame.

Dogs should be socialized as puppies.  Many owners with single dogs who are socialized bring them to the dog parks for social time which is great.  Enjoy the video.

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