Need Cover Photo For New House Training Dogs Book

#puppytraining #dogtraining #puppies #puppy – I pretty well finished all the editing and formating of my new house training dogs book and even managed to insert all the photos I needed in the right places yesterday.  That is except for one final shot that I still need and it will be the most challenging photo.

This last photo will be attempted today and I certainly want it to be a good one since it’s the shot meant for the front cover of my new house training dogs book.  I’m going to try taking each of my dogs sitting beside the litter box and may try to get a few shots with both of them along side as well.

Being animals, they are not going to be that patient in long photo sessions and I’ll have to take many shots to account for heads turning, jaws yawning, etc.  I just hope to get at least a few good shots that I can use for the book’s cover.

I’m quite pleased with the rest of the book as it has been a long time since I wanted to write one on dog house training with a litter box.  This is my niche area of expertise in terms of dog training since I’m been house training my dogs indoors since 1979.

So the final step to this project’s completion will be the cover photo.  To make things even more trickier, the digital camera I’m using is a simple Sony point and shoot so it’s not the fastest type of camera available.

So the light at the end of this project’s tunnel is visible as it won’t be long until this book is available.  It will be available only as an ebook for now since I think this is a topic where if people are looking for it, they want house training for dogs information quickly.  They are probably not willing to wait for a printed book to arrive in the mail.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how the photo session goes.  In the meantime, check out my free basic dog obedience training video (you can also access it via the sign up box at the blog sidebar).

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kirstea

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