My Roxie Girl Dog Thinks Boys Are Yucky

As I keep watching the video of the dogs playing featuring my boy Chester and his two doggie friends, I think I now understand why my girl dog Roxie doesn’t like playing with them.  Actually, at the beginning of that same video, Roxie can be seen in the background socializing with one of the dog’s owners as that’s what she prefers to do.  It almost seems that she thinks the boys are yucky and immature for her.

Roxie does play with her brother Chester while at home but in a completely different way.  She kind of likes to nip at her brother’s ears.  But when I look at the video again, the boys play in a completely different way.  They are basically just bumping and slamming into each other.  I suppose Roxie, being a girl, doesn’t find that style of play too appealing.  Boys will be boys and girls will be girls then, even in the dog world.

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