My Lhasa Apso Dogs Saw Their First Pig

Lhasa Apso Dogs First Experience

It was a wonderful spring Sunday on the weekend and I brought my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie out for a longer walk than usual through the residential neighbourhood in the afternoon.  The wooded trails are still too wet after the winter so we are doing most of our walks in the residential areas for now until the woods get drier.  Once the trails are dry, we will probably be going in their about 4 to 5 times per week just like last year since the woods are our favourite place to go out.

However, this past Sunday walk through the residential area proved to be extremely interesting.  We were walking along and on the opposite side of the street in the distance was what I thought was an older man walking a senior white dog.  I guessed the dog was in his senior years since he was walking pretty slow.

But as we got closer, I realized that the white dog was not a dog after all.  It was in fact a pig!  That’s right, a real pig.  It wasn’t even one of the small pigs that I’ve seen on TV that some people have as pets.  This was a full size pig on a harness.

Strange Reaction From My Lhasa Apsos

Normally, my Lhasa Apso dogs would be pretty excited if they see other dogs on the streets.  But when we were right across the street from the man and his pig, Chester and Roxie just stared at the animal.  I think they realized that is wasn’t a dog.  I don’t think they knew exactly what this creature was since this was their first pig sighting ever.

I didn’t even know that pigs were allowed in residential areas here in my home town of Mississauga in Ontario.  I didn’t know if this man was keeping this pig as a pet or just raising him up as a future feast for the family.

So if you have ever seen somebody keep a pig as a pet, please feel free to comment below.

pig pet lhasa apsos lhasa apso dogs
Creative Commons License photo credit: Cherrie 美桜 Rhodes

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