My Dogs Love Car Rides

It’s incredible just how much my two dogs love car rides.  We went on a post office run this morning and all I had to say was ‘car ride’ and they headed straight to the garage door.

It’s important to train your dogs, especially while puppies, to ride in your car.  I have met a few dog owners where there were issues with their dogs in cars.  Some felt sick or just didn’t like being in a car.

I think much like with kids, it’s also important to train your dogs on car behaviour.  When I open my car door for them, my dogs know to go straight to the back seats.  That’s where I want them to be rather than in the front or worse, on my lap when I’m driving.  Yes, I do see little dogs sitting on drivers’ laps sometimes but what happens in the case of a car accident?  In fact, I’m very opposed to having dogs, particularly small breeds, in the front seats, even the passenger side.

If you don’t put a child in the front seat, I don’t think you should allow a small dog either.  If the car’s air bag goes off, a small dog may not survive the impact of the air bag.

I have special dog car seat belts that are much like harnesses and the car seat belts attach to them in order to provide some type of restraint for my two dogs in the back.  This prevents them from flying through the windshield in the event of a car accident.  I think I’ll do a future video clip demonstrating these dog car seat belts.  Again, my two are quite use to them.

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