My Dogs Had Adverse Effects From Vaccines

#dog #dogs #doghealth  — For the first time in their five years, my two dogs Chester and Roxie experienced some adverse effects from their vaccines yesterday.  They never did before.

During their annual checkup yesterday, my vet (who I trust completely since he also looked after my first two lhasa apsos for most of their lives) explained that they had switched over to a newer vaccine against Lyme disease.  Since my two dogs do go into the woods and grassy areas, they would therefore be top candidates for such vaccinations.

In addition to the usual such as rabies and bordetella (since they do visit dog parks and will be boarded from time to time), they got their shots for this year.  Interestingly enough, they never complain when they get their shots.

After a few hours back home, I noticed that my boy Chester started to have some discomfort along his back where the injection sites were.  He certainly did not want to be running around and even going up and down the stairs was a slower process.

Later in the evening near bedtime, his sister had similar adverse effects as well.  Both really slowed down and walks were cancelled for the day.  What was a bit disturbing to me was that they both at times wimpered which meant to me that there was definitely discomfort.  It was not a serious type of wimpering, just mild.  But as dog owners know, any type of wimpering from your beloved dogs is not a good sound.

I hoped that after a night’s sleep, both will feel much better.  When morning came, they seemed to have improved significantly but not quite 100% yet.  At least the wimpering was gone but I could still see in Chester’s case, he was still licking parts of his back area.

I have to bring them back to the vet clinic in three weeks for a booster for this new Lyme disease vaccine.  Has anybody else experienced similar adverse effects from this or other vaccines with their dogs?

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