My Dogs Are Really Interested In New Puppy

Both my lhasa apso dogs are really interested in this new puppy in our townhouse neighbourhood.  A shih-tzu-pomerian mix named Molly joined our neighbourhood band of dogs.  Roxie is also interested in other dogs as she has always been the social one.  Chester on the other hand is only comfortably with small dogs and puppies interest him since they are smaller than he is.

I’ll probably let Roxie try and play with the new puppy since she’s gentle with other dogs but Chester can be a bit rough on puppies so I’ll wait until Molly is a bit older before letting Chester loose.  Molly is still scared of Chester.  But in time, it would be great to add Molly in as part of the dog gang here as it’s not only good socializing skills for her, but also helps my Chester further develop his socialization skills as well.

See my previous post and very entertaining video on the three doggie boys who play together from our dog gang so far.

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