My Dogs Are Like Car Alarms

#dogs #dog – I went to my local post office to drop off parcels as part of shipping products from my online Native American art gallery as well as from my self help publishing website.  Quite often, I take my two dogs with me for the short car ride.  In fact, I even say the phrase ‘car ride’ and both of them rush to the garage door with excitement.

Once at the post office, I usually find a parking spot right in front of the building.  It’s a very small post office located in a quaint little district near my house and the front of the building is pretty well all glass.  I like this because when I’m in the lineup (that’s when there is a lineup), I can still see outside where my car is as well as my two dogs.

It’s quite funny when I watch them from a distance because whenever people are walking by on the sidewalk, either Chester or both him and his sister Roxie start barking at people.  I actually don’t mind this because my dogs are like car alarms that keep potential intruders at a distance.

The people in the post office lineup were commenting on how cute the whole scene is as they watch Chester barking like crazy while at times, Roxie just takes a back seat and lets her brother do all the barking while she relaxes.  Once I exit the post office and they see me, they stop barking right away.

Although they like to climb into the front seats while I’m not in the car, as soon as I open the car door, they both move back to the rear seats where they are suppose to be during car rides.  Another successful car ride with my vehicle fully protected!

Of course, they never pee or poo in my car as they either wait until they are outside or when we get back home where they have a designated dog litter box for them.  They are both housetrained indoors and if you are interested in learning how to train your dog this way, see dog litter training.

I should try to get some video footage of my dogs in action one day as they are ‘protecting’ my car.  They really show the lhasa apso in them since this breed was originally bred by the Tibetan monks to be guard dogs for their monestaries.  It would make for an entertaining video.

Creative Commons License photo credit: yoppy

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