My Dog Might Have Cherry Eye

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Every now and then, my dog Chester gets this lower part of his left eye protruding out as if it’s inflammed. It usually returns back to normal after about 24 hours. It’s always his left eye and never the right eye too. I told my pet sitter Helen this and she thought it sounded like what’s known as ‘Cherry eye’ which is an inflammation of a third eye lid that dog have.

I never heard of this but yesterday, Chester had this condition again so I made sure that I took a quick photo of it to send to Helen. You can see it below as Chester is on the left side with a bit of red protruding out of his left eye. That’s his sister Roxie on his left just curious to see why I was taking the photo.

I emailed it to Helen since she works at my vet clinic and asked her if she ever sees this type of eye condition on the dogs that are patients there. She got back to me and thinks it looks like Cherry eye for sure. She says that sometimes this can lead to dry eye and may require surgery.

I certainly hope not. Hopefully, this is just something that Chester gets every now and then and the condition resolves on its own as usual.

Have anybody else here ever seen this type of eye condition on their own dog? If so, please share your experience in the blog commment section below or on the Life With Dogs And Puppies Facebook page. I’m sure others would like to be aware of this condition.

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  • Bikermomagoldie

    my 12 week old shit tzu has cherry eye too , in his left eye only. It’s very disappointing because it really looks unsightly on his cute little face. I was given some antibiotic drops. I seen an article of how to massage it back into place. I’m happy your dogs cherry eye goes back into place so quick, I hope mine does too.

  • The case with my guy progressed much further since this blog post if you continue to follow it through the Cherry Eye posts. After a year of his condition fading in and out, the Cherry Eye stopped being able to go back in on its own, even with the manual manipulation. My guy eventually did get surgery as outlined on a very detailed later post. He’s fine now but it was a very expensive procedure as I chose to have it done with an eye specialist.