My Comment On Dog Pee Pads For Potty Training Puppies

Dog Pee Pads

When I went into my local Global Pet Foods store to buy more dog food, I noticed that they stocked up on dog pee pads.  This was the same when I went down to Niagara Falls, NY a few weeks ago to stock up on dog litter.  Both Petsmart and Petco had stocked up on dog pee pads as well.

Since I’ve been potty training all of my dogs indoors since 1979, I’m in  a position to comment on this.  First of all, you can indeed use dog pee pads if you want to … but you don’t have to.

Potty Training Puppies

Here’s my latest video with further comments on the use of dog pee pads in potty training puppies.  As I said, you can still use them but there is a less messy way to use them.  And much like how my Lhasa Apso dogs all bypassed the dog pee pads, so can your puppy if you choose to do so.

High Cost Of Pee Pad Training

What I didn’t mention in the video was the higher cost of using dog pee pads compared to other materials like dog litter.  In the long run, it is more economical to use dog litter like Purina Second Nature or the Petco brand of dog litter or one of those artificial grass turf systems.

No matter which materials you choose to use, the training progression is the same.  My dog website has more information on this.

Anyway, that’s my take on dog pee pads.

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