My Boy Prefers His Dog Litter Box To Outside

Prefers Indoor Dog Litter Box

It was quite funny yesterday during the play session my two dogs had with their Maltese friend in the back yard area.  As usual, my boy Chester and his Maltese friend were playing with their high energy style while my girl Roxie, although enthusiastic at first about a doggie friend coming out, usually just explores the grounds a bit but decides to come inside early.

She will just watch her brother and his friend play from either behind the glass sliding door or at the opening while keeping her paws warm on the wooden floors rather than the cold snow.  Her brother and his friend probably ignore the cold since they are playing until much later.

But the interesting thing that happened after the play session is that Chester didn’t really want to poop outside even though he was due to do so.  Instead, he chose to come inside after playing and head up straight to his dog litter box which is two floors up from the ground level where the back yard access area is.  By the time I got up there, he finished pooping in his dog litter box.

More Comfortable Inside With Dog Litter Box

I suppose he’s much more comfortable using the dog litter box inside rather than doing his thing outside where it’s a bit cold and windy.  I can’t really blame him since us humans of course can relate to this.  Why have to poop outside in the cold when you can do so in a nice warm indoor toilet?

Good thing both Chester and his sister Roxie are trained to use a dog litter box indoors.  By the way, Roxie would often poop outdoors but yesterday, she chose not to as well and all of her pooping for the last 24 hours was indoors as well at the same comfy location.

Your dog can take advantage of an indoor system too if properly trained to do so.  I have a video at the home page of my dog website which shows my two dogs using their indoor toilet.  More information at my website is available on dog litter box training.

dog litter box training

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