Muttluks Dog Boots Review And Video

Muttluks Dog Boots

As promised, my review on Muttluks dog boots is finally finished along with a video to accompany the article.  We’ve had a number of test outings with the dog boots and I’ve had some time to practise getting them on my two dogs’ paws.

The first few times were pretty hard and frustrating.  Good thing both my dogs are obedient enough to be patient with me as I struggled to get the dog boots on.  And when they finally did get on, the dogs were awkward at first but quickly adjusted when brought outside.

My full text review is at my Muttluks Dog Boots article at my dog website.  The video is reproduced here below for your convenience.

My Position On Dog Boots

My current position on dog boots in general is that when we do go out on the winter roads, we will use them since the road salt really irritates my dogs’ paws.  But when we just go out in the backyard area for some fun, we won’t bother.  If my dogs get cold feet, they can come inside anytime they want since I tend to always leave a bit of the sliding patio door to the back open for them anyway.

It’s interesting also to hear from the owner of the pet supply store that I get my dog food from.  He said that 7 out of 10 buyers usually return dog boots because they either couldn’t get them on or they keep falling off.  I since learned that there are tricks to getting them on and keeping them on my dogs’ feet.  See my full article and video for tips on this.

For a good source for Muttluks, click on the banner below for Pet Street Mall as they have a wide selection of them.

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If you have any experience with dog boots, I would love to hear about it.  Just enter your comments in the section below to share with us.

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