Must Supervise Two Dogs Eating

One thing that I always have to do is personally supervise my two dogs while they are eating.  This is because my boy Chester is a food monster.  He pretty well inhales his meals quickly.  His sister Roxie on the other hand, takes her time while eating.

I remember when Roxie was still a puppy, she was a very picky eater.  Sometimes she would skip meals altogether.  We even had to feed her a few kibbles at a time to coax her into eating (of course we have since learned not to do that anymore).

If she doesn’t finish her meals and leaves her bowl, her brother will of course step in and finish it for her which is something we want to avoid.  I don’t want an overweight Chester here.

So I have no choice but to wait until Roxie finishes her meals while her brother is also sticking around just in case if there are leftovers.

Do any of you with two dogs or more have this issue as well?

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