Huge Pet Health Resource A Must Have Dog Health Book

A Must Have Dog Health Book

I have just spent the last few nights going over what I consider to be a must have dog health book for all dog owners out there.  It’s called Veterinary Secrets Revealed (version 2) by Dr. Andrew T. Jones who runs vet clinic in Nelson BC, Canada.  It is a HUGE pet health resource with 480 pages!

It starts out with details on why pets, both dogs and cats, get sick.  Dr. Jones points to three main causes which are diet, stress and lack of exercise.  He then gets into how to care for your dog or cat if your pet does get sick.  He goes into more detail about this in terms of nursing care, eating dehydration and bathing or cleaning your friend.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed has an at home pet health exam that you can do with checks on vital stats such as pulse, body temperature as well as what to look for in eyes, ears, the nose, mouth, neck, internal organs, skin and more.

There is a checklist exam guide for you to follow to do such an at home pet health exam.  Of course as expected, there is a great section on essential first aid and CPR for your dog and cat.

Huge Pet Health Resource Includes Alternative Treatments

In addition to traditional veterinary medicine, Dr. Jones gets into an emerging area of alternative treatments for your pet.  He describes the use of the top 16 herbs for pets as well as homeopathy, acupressure and massage for your dog and cat.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed doesn’t stop there as there is a great section on diet and pet food.  Dr. Jones teaches you how to read pet food labels, identify toxic ingredients, home diet recipes and even how to feed your pet raw foods.  There is also a list of recommended commercial pet food that meets Dr. Jones’  criteria.  Fortunately, the premium commercial dog food that my two dogs are currently on is in fact on that list!

Dr. Jones  then gets into a discussion about the controvery of vaccinations for your pet.  He reveals all the issues surrounding vaccines which may surprise you somewhat.  He then gets into a section on cancer prevention for dog health and cat health too.

A Worthy Dog Health Book & Cat Health Book To Have

Veterinary Secrets Revealed is a very worthy dog health book and cat health book to have at home.  All of the topics above form only the smaller section of the book believe it or not.  The largest portion of this book is dedicated to a very large and thorough pet resource for illnesses and remedies.  This is yet another reason why this book, available in digital and hard copy versions, is so invaluable to have at home.

It’s there when you need it in case something happens with your dog or cat.  You can do some really quick research before making the trip to your own vet.   Many of the cases can be handled at home and will save you on vet fees.

I have Veterinary Secrets Revealed at home and totally recommend it for all dog and cat owners.  Learn more about it at the links or the graphic below.

Just a bit of a warning though – if you get on their subscriber email list, they do send out a lot of emails – a bit too much in my opinion.  I certainly would not send out so much.  So if the emails start to get too much, just simply unsubscribe from them but do consider getting the resource.

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