More Proof That Dogs Are Happier In Numbers

Watching Dogs Playing

Yesterday while my dogs were outside playing with their Maltese doggie friend who lives right across the back from us, my neighbour and I were both thoroughly entertained watching them playing together, as usual.

This morning shortly after waking, my girl Roxie was playing a bit with her brother Chester.  Interestingly enough, this is usually the only time Roxie plays with another dog, first thing in the morning. Other times especially when outside in the back with the other doggie friends, she just does her own exploration around the grounds but does appreciate the other dogs hanging around.

Never Want To Take Dog Pack Instinct Away

This made me realize sometime important.  The dogs seem so happy when they are playing and socializing with each other.  I would never want to take that away from them.

I thought about all those single dog households out there, especially those families without kids. These dogs do not get that part of a dog’s life where they get to play with other dogs.  In fact, some even become scared and uncomfortable in the presense of other dogs which is a real shame.  They are taken away from their natural pack instinct.

This all reconfirms once more as proof that dogs are happier in numbers which is why I will always try to have more than one dog here at my home.  And for those who already have one dog but for whatever reason will not get a second one, I would strongly advise that they make frequent trips to the leash free dog parks in order to give their dogs a chance to be dogs with others.

When you see your dog interacting happily with other dogs (assuming that she/he doesn’t already have a shyness issue with other dogs – which should be corrected with help from a professional), you will be as entertained as my neighbour and I am each time we see our dogs playing.

A nice article and video on dog socialization is at my dog potty training website.

We play 196
Creative Commons License photo credit: lilli2de

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