More On Dog’s Cherry Eye Saga

#doghealth #dog #dogs  —  Well, looks like the saga of my dog Chester’s cherry eye is not over.  Since his last visit with the vet, he has had two more additional episodes of cherry eye.

The first episode resulted in total regression with the new prenisolone eye drops the vet prescribed. Then exactly a week afterwards, his cherry eye popped back out again.  This week is week number three, the longest he’s ever had his cherry eye out.

The vet concluded that the prenisolone drops are no longer working and Chester will likely require surgery.  The only complication is the timing because the vet said that it’s okay for Chester to have his cherry eye out for about four weeks.  Anything longer than that should require medical treatment in the form of surgery.

The timing complication is that I’m scheduled to be out of the country as I’m the Canadian motivational speaker for an international conference in early November.  I’m be away for one and a half weeks.  This will be in conflict with any post operative care I would have to attend to for Chester in case we did an eye surgery before I left.

So I brought Chester in with the vet again today and he said that it’s okay to have the surgery tentatively set for November 16 when I get back assuming that Chester still has the condition.  Interestingly enough, the vet did a manual manoveur on Chester’s eye which popped the cherry eye back in place. He even taught me how to do it.

This trick was something that was different than what I saw previously on a YouTube video for massaging the cherry eye back into place.  It involved pushing the eyeball towards the nose area while pushing up the lower eyelid at the same time to cover the gland.

However, the vet says that Chester’s cherry eye can easily pop back out again even during the car ride back home.  So I’m going to alert my dog sitter who will be looking after Chester and his sister Roxie, that the cherry eye can certainly pop out anytime and it’s not anything to worry about.  This new dog sitter mentioned to me on the phone that she’s never heard of cherry eye before so I don’t want her to be alarmed when she sees it for the first time.

I’ll take care of Chester’s cherry eye condition when I get back home to Canada.  The plan now is to put Chester on some new antibiotic eye drops for a week since he’s got some discharge.  And when I come home on November 11, I’ll reconfirm for the eye surgery on November 16 assuming that the condition is still present.

Sour cherries / Cerises Aigres / Visine
Creative Commons License photo credit: cod_gabriel

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