More Dogs Moving Into Our Neighbourhood

#dogs #dog — My dog-hating neighbour just sold their townhouse so they are moving out.  Meanwhile, a new neighbour across from the back just moved in along with their dog.  This means that more dogs are moving into our neighbourhood which is great.

I live in a condo townhouse complex where two rows of seven townhouses share a common back area which is fairly large.  We have among our little neighbourhood, about 9 or 10 dogs now.  So our back area is more or less our own private leash free dog park now.

This is great not only for the dog owners but also for the dogs since they have access to their friends close by without having to drive to our local dog parks (even though I do from time to time just for some variety for my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie).

As long as every dog owner here picks up after their dogs, our private dog park in the back will be great.  I know that my two dogs look outside the back windows all the time to see if any of their friends are outside.  They can even see one or two of their doggie friends across the yard from their windows too.

I guess the dog-hating people will gradually be moving out now that they are completely surrounded by townhouses with dogs.  Of course, none of us dog owners here have a problem with that!

I’m still making good progress with my upcoming new book on housetraining dogs to use a litterbox.  It’s slow and steady since I’m involved in other on-going projects at the same time but the final book will be available soon.

In the meantime, my free basic dog training video is always available at my dog website or the sidebar of this dog blog.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Risager

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