More Articles And Videos On Potty Training Puppies Soon

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Now that my new book “Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor House Training For Dogs” is completed, I’m going to start putting together a lot more articles and videos on potty training puppies.

There will be numerous facts and valuable tips taken from the new book and put onto video and/or text.  This will really add to the depth of information on my dog website.  I’ll even use some of the photos from the book as well.

With all the upcoming articles, videos and my new book, I hope to give all new dog owners a lot of great information to start their new lives with their new puppies.  This will help form the beginning of many happy lives together for all.

You will see that my dog website will be fairly niched within the dog world as I’m not really going to get into general dog obedience that much.  Apart from the basic general dog obedience training video that I offer my website visitors for free, there won’t be any further advanced information.  I’ll leave that to the many other credible sources out there for dog obedience training.

I’ll use the website and this blog to dabble in bits of different topics of interest to dog owners but the main focus will be my niche area in the dog world which is potty training puppies and dogs indoors with a litter box.

Stay tuned as there will be a lot of new articles and short videos around this interesting and useful topic of indoor potty training soon.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen my free basic dog training video yet, access it by signing up for the video link at the blog sidebar or at my Life With Dogs And Puppies Facebook page.

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