Mississauga Small Dogs Meetup Group On Summer Schedule –

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Mississauga Small Dogs Meetup Group

Summer is here with hotter temperatures during the daytime so our Mississauga GTA Small Dogs Outings Meetup group is moving to our summer schedule.   We will continue with our Midweek Walks but with later start times at 8 pm rather than 7 pm.  This will help us utilize the cooler temperatures in the evenings.

However, walking later in the evenings also mean that we won’t be doing as many wooded nature trails since they will be hotbeds for mosquitoes during the evenings.  We’ll stay in well lit residential areas as well as lakefront trails where there are breezes instead.

We will also stop our longer weekend walks since they will be too hot to do for both our dogs and us.  Instead, we’ll try to do some shorter local walks first thing in the morning on some weekends as scheduling allows.

We’ll keep doing our leash free dog park outings too but limit them to 30 minutes and we’ll start them earlier too at 9 am on weekends.  Although some dog owners have told us that they find it hard to get up early on weekends, they will miss the early morning hours when the temperatures are still okay for our dogs before they start to rise at about 10 am.  Then the rest of the day will be too hot.

I think it’s important as dog owners that we keep our dogs fit and if the early mornings are not doable, than it would be the evening outings during midweek that would work.  We cannot let the summer hot weather as an excuse to turn our dogs to unfit and overweight pets.  We just have to work around the summer heat.

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