Midweek Group Dog Walks Are Great Ideas

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Midweek Group Dog Walks

Our Small Dogs Outings Meetup group runs outings both on weekends and during midweek as well.  Our midweek group dog walks have turned out to be great ideas since they represent nice breaks in the middle of the week for all involved.

Not only do the humans get to use these midweek outings as a nice break from their usual work week schedules, our small dogs also get out for some nice exercise and dog socialization with their friends.   They no longer have to wait for an entire week in order to see some of their doggie friends.

Of course our midweek dog outings are a bit shorter with durations of 45 minutes to an hour at most while our weekend outings can be a few hours long.  But people and dogs still like coming out to our midweek dog walks.

The midweek outings tend to draw the local crowd since GTA is busy during the week with traffic which prevents our members from outside our local area to attend.  And we have to shift the hours a bit depending on how hot the temperatures are outside – the hotter the temps, the later in the evening we start our midweek walks.

For the spring, we can do our usual variety of nature trails in Mississauga during the early evenings but as we start them later during the hotter summer nights, we will have to shift from the mosquitoe populated nature trails to more residential areas.  This is okay since the residential areas we use are relatively quiet in terms of traffic and they are well lit.  We started some of these later night residential areas last summer and they worked out quite well.

My Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie (shown above with two of their friends during a recent midweek dog walk) just love being out with their doggie friends during the middle of the week as it represents something different from their usual week at home away from other dogs.

So consider getting together with some other dog owners in your area to organize midweek dog walks of your own.  You will find that they are quite welcomed by both dog owners and their dogs.


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