Met Another Owner To Do Own Dog Grooming

#dog #dogs   — I had lunch this week with a friend who has a schnauzer and like many other dog owners out there, she told me that she has started to do her own dog grooming.  I’ve been doing my own dog grooming for all of my dogs ever since.

Although my dogs don’t look like show competitors, at least they stay tangle free since I give them a medium length cut in regards to lhasa apso standards.  For me, I find that the standard breed look for a lhasa is way too high maintenance for me.  Besides, I kind of like the medium length look on my two since it gives them a bit of a puppy look.

Doing your own dog grooming has become much easier than before these days since there are now pet electric shears available for the consumer level. I use an Andis while other top brands are Otis and Wahl.  These electric shears are a real time saver and also saves my hands too since I use to use just scissors which really took a lot of time and work.  Now with the shears, giving my dogs a trim is so much easier and quicker.

Of course, you have to train your dog to be cooperative while grooming, especially with the noise of the shears.  Just like with hair dryers, it’s best to introduce these tools to your dog as a puppy if at all possible.

I did a video a while back about positioning your dog in order to groom the belly and leg areas.  Review that blog post and video if you missed it last time as it will be helpful if you are going to do your own dog grooming.

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