Maybe Dreams Don’t Lie In Dog Training

#dogs #dog #dogtraining #puppies #puppytraining  — Perhaps dreams don’t lie when it comes to dog training because I woke up this morning from a fairly vivid dream involving both of my lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie,

We were outside and then suddenly, Roxie bolted.   She was running towards some dogs with their owners in the distant and was already too far off when I started to yell at her to stop.  Chester on the other hand, didn’t run off like his sister as he stayed around me.  I finally caught up to Roxie and gave her a piece of my mind.

This was all in my dream of course but upon wakening, it did remind me of the fact that my girl Roxie does have much less focus than her brother when outdoors.  She is a lot more independent than her brother.  Therefore, when we are in the back area which is fairly enclosed but does have stairs that can lead outside of our townhouse complex, I have to be careful with Roxie.

She did bolt after a neighbour’s cat once and did leave the back area via the stairs.  One of my neighbours caught her in the laneway.  This would all imply that Roxie needs more recall dog training and I should not let her in the back without her long training leash (so I could catch her easier) or without constant supervision.

I will be drilling both of my dogs in recall situations much more in the future as their training never stops.  Just like professional sports teams, there are always practice sessions with training drills to keep them sharp.

Even if you have a fairly well trained dog, you too should have regular training sessions with your dog.  This keeps your dog sharp as well and a bonus to this is that all dogs actually like training.  They enjoy the mental stimulation as well as the bonding that is formed between you and your dog.  After all, dreams don’t lie when it comes to dog training.

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