Maltese Yorkie Puppy To Potty Train Indoors

#puppytraining #puppy #puppies #dog #dogtraining #dogs  — I just received this wonderful testimonial from a reader who went through my new book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’.  Here’s what Jill Kirchmann of Toronto, Ontario had to say;

“I just purchased your book today and have read the whole thing.  I have been doing lots of research on the internet and was getting so confused by all the various information.  So it was great to buy your book and find it all so clearly explained.   I have just bought a puppy who will be coming to live with me on Dec 20th.   I plan to potty train her indoors using your method.   Thanks for a great book.”

Jill will be getting a Maltese Yorkie mix and being a small breed, she will have no problems using one of the small size dog litter boxes by Purina, Petco or other manufacturers.  Being in Toronto where winters can get harsh, Jill was planning ahead to get the right start with her new puppy.  She decided to go with the indoor potty training route rather than have her little dog go outdoors to eliminate.  I just love hearing it when dog owners decide to go this route since I know that they, along with their dogs, will reap the benefits of using a dog litter box.

This makes a lot of sense.  Maltese, Yorkie (Yorkshire terriers) and other small breed dogs will certainly not take up a lot of space indoors for their litter box needs since a small size fits neatly anywhere.  A little corner of a washroom would be a perfect location.

For more information, see my potty train puppy webpage at the same website where I offer a free basic dog training video.  You can also sign up for free access to this video at the sidebar of this dog blog on the left of this page.

Creative Commons License photo credit: sally9258

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