Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Get Too Hot

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Now that the warmer weather has come around up here in Ontario, one thing I have noticed is that my two dogs Chester and Roxie are starting to pant a bit during their walks.  They even start to do this before the halfway point of our walks.

When they get home, of course you could imagine that both are panting quite heavily by now and this isn’t even in the middle of the summer yet.  They hardly did any panting at all during their winter walks.

My dogs are like natural thermometers to me.  When they are panting, it means to me that they are getting hot and I don’t want to leave them out for too long.  As dog owners, we have to carefully monitor that we don’t leave our dogs in situations where they get too hot.

This is particularly true if dogs are left in cars during the daytime.  Dog owners have been convicted of cruelty for leaving their dogs inside their hot cars during the daytime.  Please do not do this or if you have to go shopping for a bit and bring your dog in your car, leave enough window space open for them since car interiors get much hotter then outside.

The other thing I intend to do is make sure that my dogs have a shorter haircut for the summer.  Being lhasa apsos, they can heat up quickly with their longer hair so I’m going to spend some time to give them a summer trim this weekend.

I’m also not going to take them for walks during midday hours as it just gets too hot for them (and me as well).  Late afternoons or early evenings would be best for us.

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