Love Your Dog Too Much For Training?

I spoke to a neighbour this week who has one of the dogs that bark too excessively.  This dog gets nervous with pretty well all people and other dogs around.  It is clearly not socialized.  My neighbour actually apologized for his dog behaviour towards my dogs.  He said that perhaps his family loves his dogs too much in a way that they are often too flexible with them.

In some way, he is right.  His dogs do not listen to any of their family members and are much too soft on them.  What is happening is that these dogs are not respecting their owners’ authority.  The owners have not bothered to properly train their dogs and just hoping that they will turn out okay by themselves will just end up in failure.

It is clear that both these dogs and their owners need to go to dog training classes.  This neighbour thinks that the younger one of their two dogs, the one that is the excessive barker, is just crazy.  I told him that’s probably not the case.  There is no such thing as a bad dog, only ignorant dog owners (of course, I said it in a nice way).

If we really love our dogs, it is our responsibility as owners to get them trained properly as well as to get educated as owners.  We’ll see what happens with them.

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