Long Hours Away No Problem With Litter Box For Dogs

Litter Box For Dogs

A litter box for dogs is a real saver.  I just spent the last three days attending a conference here in Toronto where I had to leave my house first thing in the morning and be away until the early evenings.  I have two little dogs at home and this is yet another example of when I’m so grateful that I litter box trained them.

I was up at about 7 am each morning and out the door by about 8 am for each of the three days.  I never got home until about 7 pm for two nights and about 9:30 pm on one night.  These are long hours away from home but it was not problem for my two dogs.

I use an automatic timer for my living room light so that by 6 pm when it starts getting dark up here in eastern Canada now, the light goes on.  This central light will allow them to function pretty well throughout the house.

Litter Box For Dogs Saves The Day

When most people need to find ways to let their dogs outside to relieve themselves much earlier in the day, I didn’t have to bother rushing home at all.  Both of my Lhasa Apsos  went through litter box for dogs training since they were puppies.  So instead of going outside to do their business, the simply just go to their designated washroom on the second floor and use the litter box set up for them.

When I got home, there was no mess to worry about.  They didn’t use other parts of my house to relieve themselves during my absence.  All the mess was in the litter box where it should be.

This type of advantage that we enjoy here at my household can be your’s as a dog owner as well if you use a litter box for dogs at a designated place.  You just have to go through the proper litter box for dogs training progression.

litter box for dogs
Creative Commons License photo credit: Preston Kemp

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  • This is interesting, I have big dogs but can see how this would be helpful for small, inside dogs. Any tips for how to begin teaching your dog how to use a litter box?

  • Kristin, yes litter box training is ideal for small to even medium size dogs. Believe it or not, owners of greyhounds have even taught their dogs to use indoor litter boxes. It is possible for big dogs too but what one would have to do is construct a litter box out of either a large kennel crate top or some other box since commercial dog litter boxes would be too small. Some people have even constructed built in facilities at home for larger dogs so it is possible.

    As for tips, I would suggest checking out the webpage http://www.pottytrainpuppydog.com/pottytrainingdog.html