Long Hair Dogs Are Enjoying The Cooler Fall Temperatures

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photo: Llima

Long Hair Dogs

Now that we are getting cooler fall temperatures in the low to mid 20s (celcius degrees) during the daytime up here in the Toronto area, I bet all long hair dogs as well as their owners are enjoying the outdoors in more comfort compared to all those heatwave summer days we had this past season.  I know that my Lhasa Apso dogs and I are sure enjoying our daily dog walks more as we stay out longer without panting or sweating.

I also noticed a few seasonal changes here at home with Chester and Roxie’s behaviour.  When they go out on the outdoor back deck, they tend to stay out longer.  Before, they use to go out to check things out and come right back inside due to the heat.  Now they are lounging out there more as things are not too hot anymore.

My Long Haired Dogs Starting To Use Dog Crates Again

During those heatwaves, my two long haired dogs were also seeking my bedroom ensuite bathroom ceramic tile floors since they were much cooler than the carpets or their dog crates that we keep inside my room.  Roxie has now gone back to using the dog crate as her main sleeping and napping area.  Chester hasn’t moved back to the dog crates yet as he prefers the carpet area near my bedroom door (he still likes to be the one guarding the room) or be underneath my bed (also carpeted).  At least he’s no longer using the bathroom floor anymore.

I expect as the temperatures keep dropping over the fall and into the winter, Chester will be moving back into the dog crates as well much like his sister.  At our house, both my long hair dogs have free unrestricted access on when they use the dog crates, the same ones used during their younger days when we were dog crate training puppies.  The metal doors of the crates are never closed at home.  This is similar to their unrestricted access to their dog litter box in the next room.

Personally, I like it when my Lhasa Apso dogs use their dog crates, especially at night.  This is because when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on any of my dogs in the dark!  They are both safely out of the way inside their dog crates.

I would think that many dogs out there are going through such changes as well, especially long haired dogs like the Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu, English Sheepdog, etc.

So what type of changes are you seeing with your dog as the temperatures change, if any?  Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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