Litterbox Training Author Reviews Other Dog Training Resources

Litterbox Training Author Reviews Others

Since my niche expertise is in dog litterbox training (which is why I wrote the book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litterbox – Convenience House Training Indoor For Dogs‘), I don’t feel qualified to put out any advanced dog training resources as I’m not a professional trainer.  However, I still want to be able to provide good service and value to my readers so I have taken the liberty to review other dog training resources.

My Reviews Of Other Dog Training Resources

I’ve written up text reviews and created a new video about two dog training resources that I would highly recommend – just click on the link to get to the webpage.  So far, two such programs have passed my personal evaluations as I went through both of these quite thoroughly.  I don’t want to recommend anything that I haven’t gone over and liked.

If you don’t want to bother reading my text review and just want to see the video, I’ve reproduced it below.

For details right at the websites of these two recommended dog training resources, just go to the links below;

Secrets Of Dog Training By Daniel Stevens

Dog Training Online By Dove Cresswell

Goes Beyond My Basic Dog Training Video

Again, these two resources I listed above go beyond what my basic dog training video covers.  In case you haven’t seen my free video yet, get the details at the top left sidebar of thisblog.  After you watch my video, work with your puppy or dog until all the basics are mastered.  Then if you want to move onto more advanced dog training, utilize one or both of the advanced resources I recommend above.

If you want information on litterbox training, neither of the two resources above go into it.  It will be my resource on dog litterbox training that you want to look into since it is my specialty.

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