Litter Training A Puppy Video Just Under Two Hours

Litter Training A Puppy Video

No wonder why I’m tired.  After spending three consecutive 12 hour days editing the video footage for my upcoming video project on litter training a puppy, the final product is emerging quite nicely.  I’m a bit surprised how much content there is as the entire program is clocking in at just under two hours now.  That’s a lot of information with the puppy litterbox as the center subject.

This video program is of course the video version of my book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training For Dogs‘.  In addition to an audio narration throughout the program, I pulled in lots of text slides, photos and even other video footage of dog content to support the main concepts and step by step progression for litter training a puppy.

Huge Resource On Litter Training A Puppy

This will end up being a huge resource on litter training a puppy for any prospective and current dog owner with a new four legged friend to train using a puppy litterbox.  Once all the files and complete as a set and they are made available online, I will add this video program as an option to my current details about my book on litter training a puppy.

It will be a deluxe version since all the current bonuses for the ebook will be included and the ebook itself will also be included as well.  This will make this deluxe version a very complete package for my viewers and readers.  I want to make the best available information resources possible on litter training a puppy and this new video version along with its other components will do that.

For general basic dog obedience training, see the details for my free video on this at the top left sidebar of this blog.

litter training a puppy puppy litterbox video
Creative Commons License photo credit: sleepyneko

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