Litter Boxes That Would Make A Nice Dog Toilet

Continuing on from the last blog post where I ranted about how nice some litter boxes are for cats and that us dog owners so far are stuck with ugly (but very functional) plastic pans as the dog toilet, I found a blog post that shows a really nice looking set up for cats.

The photo on this blog post can be something out of an IKEA catalogue!  Now that is a system that I wouldn’t mind putting down in the guest bathroom where my house visitors will see it all the time.

I figure that my lhasa apsos are just as cute (actually cuter) than your typical cats so they deserve a dog toilet that is just as nice looking and presentable as some of these upscale decor cat litter boxes.

I will probably have even more examples of this discrepancy to show in the future when I come across more litter boxes that just don’t look like litter boxes.  For now, looks like I’m just going to have to keep my guests away from the bathroom where my dogs go since it’s just not presentable enough particularly with dog litter being tracked on the floor as well.  That’s another complaint all because of Purina’s decision not to have their excellent Second Nature dog litter available up here in Canada which results in much less tracking than Yesterday’s News.

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