Litter Box Training A Dog Video Will Be Huge

Litter Box Training A Dog Video

Today is day two of editing for my new video project about litter box training a dog.  It is going slower than I had anticipated.  This is the video version of my successful book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘.  The initial planning took two days and the shooting of the video and audio took three days.

I had thought that the editing will take only about two days but yesterday for the first day of putting everything together, it took about 12 hours to finish just three video chapters.  This video, like the book, will have twelve chapters altogether so I’m way behind schedule.

Litter Box Training A Dog Video Will Be A Big Product

On a very positive note, the overall finished video product for litter box training a dog will be quite big.  There will be a combination of many different slides, photos, video footage all narrated by yours truly.  The file sizes for each video chapter will be quite large as well as so far, they range in time durations from about six minutes to just under twenty minutes.

For those who want to learn about litter box training a dog through audio and video rather than just by reading, this will be a great product for them.  Although the production will take longer than I expected, I hope to make the finished product available to the market by the end of this month.

I plan to work through this entire weekend and into the first part of the coming week to finish off this project.  Of course, I’ll still take time to get outside with my dogs Chester and Roxie since it is a nice weekend here in Toronto now.

It’s a good thing that I have already shot a few new episodes of my motivational videos series before hand.  I won’t have time to work on any new episodes of Motivational WebTV until this dog project is done.  The current episode is about how personal improvement changes vacations.

For those who will be happy with just a book version, more details of litter box training a dog along with an introductory information video are currently available at my dog website.

A free video on basic dog obedience training is also available as well and many new dog owners and potential puppy owners have benefited from it.

litter box training a dog video
Creative Commons License photo credit: japrea

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