Litter Box Training A Dog Means Keeping Dry

Litter Box Training A Dog

In our household, litter box training a dog means keeping dry.  This is another week of April showers here in Toronto and this morning as I was getting breakfast, my dogs and I noticed one of our neighbours out in the back yard area with his little Shih Tzu.  It was raining and my neighbour was standing there with a jacket hood over his head.

Meanwhile, his little Shih Tzu noticed my two Lhasa Apso dogs in the window looking at him.  They are all doggie friends so they recognize each other right away.  I can hear the littel Shih Tzu crying a bit because he obviously wanted my two dogs to either come out and play, or have him come into our house to play.

Benefits Of Litter Box Training A Dog

My dogs were certainly not going to be going out since they hate getting wet.  If you missed the video proving this, see it at our puppy potty training and bad weather dog walks page.  Before breakfast, my two dogs already went to their litter box to do their stuff before going downstairs.

The benefits of litter box training a dog are quite significant and they do include not having to go out during rain days like my neighbour does.  His little Shih Tzu was clearly not going to do his business right away so my neighbour had to stand in the rain and keep waiting until his dog did.  I’m not sure if his dog eventually did or not since after breakfast, they were still out there and I had other things to do.  Plus we intended to stay dry too.  We’ll catch our neighbour and his Shih Tzu outside for a play session when it’s dry out there.

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litter box training a dog shih tzu lhasa apso
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