Litter Box For Dogs In Canada

Litter Box For Dogs In Canada

I was at one of my local Petsmart stores yesterday and talking to a sales person there about the indoor potty products they started to carry.  She told me that one of their distributors didn’t think there was a market for a litter box for dogs in Canada.  We both thought that such a claim was so ignorant from a business perspective.

This sales person even uses one of the indoor potty systems when she travels with her dogs.  She was surprised about the existence of dog litter which she didn’t know about and was totally blown away when I told her that my Lhasa Apso dogs have been using such a system since day one.

Dogs In Canada A Perfect Fit

Dogs in Canada would be a perfect fit for a litter box system.  Think of it this way.  We have a couple of months of harsh winters where there are many days when nobody including the dogs, want to go outside.

Then the big cities like Toronto and Vancouver have increasing condo developments and a litter box for dogs living in such highrises would again be perfect fit for this demographic.  This is how I started with my first dogs when I was living in a downtown Toronto condominium building.  The indoor potty way just seemed to be the most practical.

Need Awareness For Litter Box For Dogs In Canada

It is a real shame that the awareness level for a litter box for dogs in Canada and I will certainly do my best through this blog as well as videos to promote it.  Dogs in Canada deserve that option as much as their counterparts in the USA where such products have already been available for years.  My own two Lhasa Apso dogs are Canadian success stories to prove it.

By the way, my two dogs are the stars of a free basic dog obedience training video.  Details are at the top left sidebar of this blog.

dogs in canada litter box for dogs indoor potty
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