Like Puppy Socialization Again

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Like Puppy Socialization

This weekend was the first one since my Lhasa Apso dog Chester got his vet cone off after he’s been wearing it for two weeks straight, 24 hours per day, seven days per week since his eye surgery.  During this time, he was only allowed to do short 10 minute walks outside and not really do any playing with other dogs.  So I did my best to have him and his sister Roxie avoid all other dogs during the last two weeks.

It’s funny because during these past two weeks, although Roxie kept Chester company by hanging out together, she didn’t really play with him as usual in the morning.  I guess she didn’t like the cone he was wearing.

But this weekend with the cone off, I took Chester and Roxie out in the backyard when we spotted their doggie friend Michael outside.  Michael, a Maltese, is perhaps Chester’s best friend for playing.  However they usually play quite rough for some reason, almost like tackle NFL football.  This is one activity that we want to avoid during the cone days.

But now with the cone off, it was like puppy socialization again with lots of stored energy suddenly released.  Chester was especially enthusiastic about tackling his friend Michael over and over again.  His Maltese friend doesn’t seem to mind even though he does get squashed each time since Chester is almost twice his body weight.

Then Roxie got into the mix as well as she sometimes like to humiliate her brother by humping him as Chester is dealing with Michael.  She didn’t even do this for the past two weeks.

So looks like everything is back to normal again as all the neighbourhood dogs are doing their usual puppy socialization, which is so important for a dog’s well being.  We are also back to longer walks outside and can’t wait to visit the dog parks again.

We were planning to go to the dog park this past weekend but it has been raining which would make the parks pretty messy.  So we hope to get some dog park time in next weekend before the winter comes in.

I’ll be doing a special post on the overall costs of Chester’s eye surgery soon to give people an idea of dog eye surgery expenses.

For more articles and videos on puppy socialization, see the videos we produced with our neighbourhood dogs at dog socialization.

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