Lhasa Apsos Had Fun At Dog Park

Lhasa Apsos Had Fun

I took my two Lhasa Apsos Chester and Roxie to one of our local leash free dog parks this weekend since it was so nice out and it was our first trip in awhile since the weather previously was so damp.  It turned out to be a great day for all.

There were enough small dogs for my two to socialize with.  In particular, there was this little light brown cock-poo teacup mix with tons of energy who took immediate interest to my two Lhasa Apsos.  Because of its small size, my boy Chester was not intimidated.  He’s usually very uncomfortable with big dogs and if they venture near, he tends to bark at them to go away.

Lhasa Apso Dogs Had Great Play Session

Well, this little cock-poo mix kept initiated play with my boy.  He actually tried with Roxie as well but she usually has no interest in playing with other dogs other than her brother occasionally.  Here’s a rare dogs playing video of her mixing it up with her brother.  Although Roxie didn’t really want to play with this little friendly guy, she was still interested to see what’s happening.

Chester of course reciprocated and played with his new little friend much like he does with our neighbourhood Maltese.  This little cock-poo was so full of energy that Chester soon got really hot.  Roxie, who usually just stays away, wanted to stay close to the action for some reason.  She usually doesn’t but I think she was quite intrigued by this little dog although it wasn’t enough for her to play.

The little dog of course sensed that it was Chester who he would have a fun play session with so it didn’t take long for him to keep pressing on my boy.  All the people around were watching with delight.

Perfect Type Of Dog Friend For My Lhasa Apsos

This little dog, much like our Maltese neighbour, is the perfect type of dog friend for my Lhasa Apso dogs.  He’s not that big which means that Chester won’t be intimidated and he has enough energy to give my boy a challenge.  Chester unfortunately might get too rough with smaller dogs and puppies if they shy away from him.  But this little guy showed that he wasn’t scared of Chester and was willing to be just as tough in play.  This is great for my boy since it gives him a good workout.

I think my girl Roxie also had a good time too monitoring all the action up close.  I wish we could meet more dogs like this cock-poo since they are the most compatible ones for my Lhasa Apso dogs. It was a good thing that I had my camera with me and I got in a good shot of my two Lhasa Apsos with this little cock-poo.  I wished I had taken some video footage too. Here is some past video of dog socialization during the winter.

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