My Lhasa Apso Dogs Turned Twelve! –

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Lhasa Apso Dogs Now Twelve Years Old

I can’t believe sometimes but my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie both turned twelve years old last week.  As I look back, what a fantastic 12 years we’ve been together so far.  But of course as any pet owner can related to, I also feel a bit sad knowing that my dogs are getting older and will not be with me forever.

Fortunately, both Chester and Roxie are still in pretty good health despite Chester’s EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) which is now under control through lifelong medication.  Their body weights usually increase over the winter because of less activity but this past winter, their weights have been pretty stable as I was careful not to overfeed them and keep them pretty active.

Small Dogs Group Active Again

As with all winters here, our small dogs group is much less active since members don’t seem to want to come out but now that spring is here, quite a few small dogs and their owners, both new as well as returning members, are starting to come out with us on walks.  So we have resumed both our longer weekend outings as well as our shorter midweek dog walks as everyone seems eager to get their dogs out again.

It’s interesting to watch how the younger dogs all seem to find each other as they run around with each other while the older dogs like my Chester and Roxie prefer to just walk a nice pace.  The younger dogs seem to respect the older ones by not getting into their faces much.  Of course if a younger dog did get into Chester or Roxie’s faces, they will instantly be reprimanded by them!

My Continued Commitment To My Older Dogs

As my Lhasa Apsos get older, I continue my commitment to them.  My continued commitment to Chester and Roxie can be summarized in a few general statements as follows;

  1. I will commit to keeping them as healthy as possible by monitoring their body weight and getting them medical attention quickly as needed.  I’ll keep them active by daily walks outside or running stairs indoors during bad weather days. Their eyes, teeth, ears and hair will be cared for on a regular basis.
  2. I will commit to keeping them mentally healthy by taking them to interesting places like nature trails each week with continued social opportunities with their doggie friends through our small dogs group.
  3. I will commit to spending lots of quality time together when we are at home as well as outside when we are not with our small dogs group. Our home will continue to be very clean and comfortable for them and that includes keeping their indoor dog litterbox clean as well.

The photo above was an example of quality time together as we did a road trip out to the Hamilton area to scout out some potential new trails with waterfalls for our small dogs group.  As you can see, both Chester and Roxie were taking it all in with such interesting surroundings like Tiffany Falls shown in the photo.

You can bet that both my dogs and I look forward to each of our outings every single week throughout this spring season.


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