Lhasa Apso Dogs Playing Inside Video

Lhasa Apso Dogs Playing

Here is rare video footage of my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie playing inside the house.  I say rare because even though they are usually together or close by somewhere in the house, they actually rarely play together.  Chester plays a lot more with his other doggie friends in the neighbourhood than with his sister Roxie.

In fact, the only time my Lhasa Apso dogs seem to play with each other is first thing in the morning shortly after they wake up.  When I go downstairs to have my breakfast, that’s when they would do a bit of wrestling – you can hear me say ‘good wrestling’ in the following video clip.

My Lhasa Apso dogs will usually not be playing with each other like this for the rest of the day and never outside either.  So none of my neighbours will ever get a chance to see this except maybe through this video.  That’s why I call this video footage rare.

Chester and Roxie are the stars of my free basic dog obedience training video that is available at my dog website.  They are of course, the stars of many other shorter video clips as well but the free dog training video is a nice collection of the basics that all dogs should learn and my Lhasa Apso dogs demonstrate these quite nicely.

Lhasa Apso Dogs On Video

Here is the short video of my Lhasa Apso dogs playing for your entertainment.  Roxie is the slightly smaller one and the more aggressive of the two siblings.

Dog Litter Box Perfect For Lhasa Apso Puppies

By the way, my Lhasa Apso dogs are also the stars of some short video clips of them using an indoor dog litter box as well as some other resources I have to help dog owners house train their dogs to use one.  It turns out that a dog litter box is perfect for Lhasa Apso puppies and many other breeds as well.

For more information on using a dog litter box as well as my free basic dog obedience training video, just go to my dog website.

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  • Hi there,

    I absolutely loved your video – did you get your dogs through a breeder or through one of those “Puppies for sale” adverts? I would love some more information on how you chose those specific dogs as opposed to any others around – although watching the video gives me some idea

    Thanks for making me smile
    Ellen 🙂

  • Ellen, thanks for watching my video. These are my 3rd and 4th Lhasa Apso dogs since that’s the breed I’m attached to. I actively searched for Lhasa Apso breeders in my region and went from there. I think there is a community of Lhasa Apso breeders as they all seem to know each other.


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