My Lhasa Apso Dogs Do Not Like Fireworks

lhasa apso dogs scared of fireworks

photo: Vironevaeh

Lhasa Apso Dogs

It’s Victoria Day long weekend up here in Canada and there will be fireworks going up for Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights around here.  The official big fireworks day is always Victoria Day on Monday which is not an issue with us since they are always located enough of a distance from our house.  But it’s the home fireworks in the general neighbourhood that becomes an issue since my Lhasa Apso dogs do not like fireworks.

In fact, they tend not to like any type of explosion type of sounds at all.  Chester barks at them and his sister Roxie, who is usually the braver and more confident of the two, is actually quite scared of fireworks.

Lhasa Apsos Scared Of Explosions

I’m not sure if this is the case with all Lhasa Apsos or other dogs but my neighbours’ Maltese and Shih Tzu are also quite scared of fireworks too.  I remember one year when I thought that it would be better to take my Lhasa Apsos outside during some neighbourhood fireworks, they started to panic.  So having them outdoors was even worse and now during any fireworks nights, I keep them inside with the windows closed to minimize the level of the explosions.

Roxie, as predicted from her past behaviour, slept underneath my bed for the night.  She does this only if she’s scared.  Thankfully, we don’t have fireworks on a regular basis.

I don’t mind the home fireworks but what I do mind is that some people light them up very late at night – past 11 pm.  This I have an issue with since not only is it disturbing for my Lhasa Apso dogs, but also for the people who are already in bed trying to sleep.

What have been issues, if any, with fireworks and your dogs?  Feel free to comment below.

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