Lhasa Apso Dogs Benefit From Summer Puppy Cut

lhasa apso hair puppy cut


Lhasa Apso Dogs During Summer

Like all long haired dogs, my Lhasa Apsos Chester and Roxie get hot very quickly during summers.  I can easily tell from the way they start panting not even halfway into their outdoor walks these days as the temperatures have reached mid 20s Celcius.  The weather forecast predicts our first heatwave of the summer season which is three consecutive days of 32 degrees or higher Celcius.

Like many other owners of long haired dogs, I help out my dogs by giving them a shorter hair style during the warmer season with what’s known as a puppy cut.  This is much like what their hair was when they were still puppies.

Summer Puppy Cut

Our version of the puppy cut involves a shorter length throughout the body with an even shorter length on the legs.  I like to leave their head area a bit longer (although it is still a touch shorter than their winter look here).

This shorter puppy cut not only helps Chester and Roxie keep cooler but the maintenance is much easier for me in terms of managing the tangles that build up.  Their nightly grooming is a breeze with the puppy cut.

Both their doggie friends in the neighbourhood, a Maltese and a Shih Tzu, also sport puppy cuts during the summer and have longer hairstyles during the winter.  It’s really interesting to have everyone come out for the first time with their puppy cuts although I doubt it really makes much of a social impact from the dogs’ points of view.

Lhasa Apso Hair

Personally, I prefer the winter Lhasa Apso hair look we use but the puppy cut isn’t bad either.  I just can’t imagine going to the traditional Lhasa Apso dogs hairstyle which is leaving the hair flowing all the way down to the ground.  That is an extremely high maintenance hairstyle best left for the show dogs and their owners who have the patience and time to keep that look.

Just for your info, we use electric shears here to get the puppy cut with relative ease.  Both of my Lhasa Apso dogs cooperative with me during their haircuts since they were trained to do so since puppyhood.  I’ll get into this a bit more perhaps in a future blog post or video.  For general info on basic dog obedience, see my free dog training video.

By the way, the dog in the photo above looks exactly like my Roxie with the one albino eye except Roxie has her’s on the right eye rather than the left.  But it’s a great representation of a fresh puppy cut.

If your dog is of the long haired variety, you might want to consider a puppy cut for the summer season to help your friend keep cool.

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