Lhasa Apso Dog Cherry Eye Mystery Continues

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Lhasa Apso Dog Cherry Eye

So I was going to call the vet clinic to book for another possible surgery to fix my boy’s Cherry Eye since about a week and a half ago, it appeared again.  We had already booked and cancelled surgery dates twice before for my Lhasa Apso dog Chester.

I reviewed all the YouTube videos showing how to gently massage Chester’s Cherry Eye back underneath his eyelid but much to my frustration, I was not successful.  I tried to do this several times per day for a week and it’s a good thing that he cooperates.  He must be getting tired of me playing with his left eye like this all the time!

Cherry Eye Getting Harder To Push Back In

I recall last year that it was relatively easy to push Chester’s Cherry Eye back inside but in recent months whenever it popped out again, I just could push it in.  It would work for a few seconds but then it would pop right back out again.

Well, to deepen the mystery even more, just as I was planning to make the call to the vet clinic, I went out one morning a few days ago to do an errand.  When I came back, his Cherry Eye had gone back inside all on its own!

It went back inside under his eye lid without my effort in pushing it back it.  This is really weird.

It’s been a couple of days so far and his eye is still normal as I write this.  Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops right back out again.  So what I might do is if next time his Cherry Eye pops out and stays out for say two weeks, I think I’m going to make the call for the surgery, assuming that it will take about two weeks to book in advance. I know that this surgery is going to cost me $600.  I just hope that my other Lhasa Apso Roxie never develops this condition.

If anybody else out there has a Cherry Eye story to tell, please do so at the comments section below.

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  • Yappymutts

    I had a Lhasa Apso 4 years ago who had cherry eye. I could not push it back in, and it was pretty large, covering a good part of her eye. I had surgery for the vet. to correct it. She recovered well from the surgery, but overall, I could still see “something” peeking out from her inner right eye at times. I wish that I had not done the surgery. Consult with your vet., but if the cherry eye is not interfering with her vision, or irritating her eye, I would be tempted to not have surgery done on it.

  • Thanks for sharing. I understand that if the Cherry Eye is left out, it can lead to dry eye problems even if it’s not interfering with vision. At least this is what my vet tells me. So in my case if either I can’t push it back in or it doesn’t go back in by itself after more than a month, I was advised to set him up for surgery.

  • MaddiRice

    The same thing is going on with my pug/beagle mix (puggle) i noticed it about a week ago..i thought maybe it was an eye irritation because pugs are notorious for that because of their large protruding eyes. I put saline cleansing solution in his eye in case there was anything in it causing irritation.. i noticed it disappeared maybe 20min later.. i thought that had fixed the problem.. the next morning it was back.. disappeared again that afternoon and came back when we were coming back from a walk. I decidedto keep an eye on it. I researched this morning and found that it is cherry eye and how to massage it back in place. It still comes and goes throughout the day. Im im the same position.. im not sure if i should start the surgery process, or wait it out. He is 3 1/2 months old.. his vet wants to see if he will “grow into it”. I have to.keep his eye lubricated and clean so no other infection arrises..and just wait it out.. it is frustrating but i am thankful that it is not painful for him!!

  • Chester’s Cherry eye has been floating in and out for a year. We are going into surgery later this month since he is still relatively young at six years of age.