Leash Free Dog Parks Are Fun

#dog #dogs — I took my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie to one of our regular leash free dog parks this afternoon since it was such a nice fall day out there.  When I got there, a young Asian couple with their two small poodles (I think) came right after me.

About ten minutes later, they had followed me and my two dogs into this wooded area of the dog park.  A few other dogs were checking them out and each time, there was some commotion between the couple’s dogs and the other ones.  To my surprise, the couple’s dogs were still on leashes.

So I went up to them and asked why their dogs were still leashed in a leash free dog park.  They told me that they think their dogs are a bit scared because this is their first time in a dog park.

I told them that they probably have some leash aggression toward other dogs and that if they were let loose, they would most likely act very differently.  The couple hesitantly agreed on my advice to unleash their dogs.

As soon as their dogs were unleashed, they were happily running around checking things out.  Even better, was that they were checking out other dogs too without any apparent fear.  The young couple was flabbergasted at what they saw.

Their dogs continued to run around and socialize with other dogs including a few other poodles around their own size.  They also interacted with my two dogs too without any problems.

So looks like I did a good thing today and introduced some relatively new dog owners (their dogs are just about one year old) to dog socialization in leash free dog parks click link for a video of my two dogs playing with their doggie friends).  Their dogs will love all future trips and benefit greatly in terms of mental well being as well as physical health from the exercise as a result of the socialization opportunities with other dogs just as mine have.  Leash free dog parks are indeed fun for all, both dogs and their owners.

Freyja & Sophie playdate 2010.05.22
Creative Commons License photo credit: r3v || cls

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