Latest Occurrence Of Cherry Eye

#dog #dogs #pets #doghealth  — Looks like the cherry eye in my dog Chester came back again.  It did show up briefly about two weeks ago and with BNPH ointment, it cleared up after two days.  However, we are now in day five or six of yet another occurrence with Chester.  Even with the ointment applied four times per day, the cherry eye has not regressed.  We will probably run out of the ointment in a few days.

So looks like Chester will have to go back to the vet later this week.  I’ll see if there’s anything stronger than BNPH that we could try out.  If not, I have a feeling that surgery is going to be the only other option.

We’ve averted surgery for probably a year now since his first incident with cherry eye so it looks like sooner or later, he’ll have to get it.  We still don’t know why he gets this whether it’s an allergic reaction to something.

I know that allergy season is pretty bad for me as a human right now with something in the air that is making my own symptoms pretty bad especially at night and early mornings.  But who knows if this has anything to do with Chester’s case.  Probably not since allergens are usually different for dogs and humans.

Fortunately, the vet did mention last time that cherry eye is not an urgent case so it’s not something that requires emergency treatment.  I might ask about a possible consult with a specialist in animal eyes.  One of my past lhasa apsos, Max, did see such a specialist before for a different type of eye issue.

If anybody would like to comment with a similar cherry eye case, please do so below or at my dog Facebook page.

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