Know Where Your Emergency Vet Clinic Is

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Yesterday, one of my neighbour’s dogs had an accident during playing outside.  Apparently, one of his claws was injured.   We usually have four of our neighbourhood dogs including two of my own playing or socializing together in our common back yards.  For some reason, the little shih tzu named Charlie injured one of his claws near the end of the play session.  Maybe he got his claw caught in something but he started bleeding out of the claw.  He was also shaking so he was obviously in pain and of course this required an immediate trip to the local emergency vet clinic.

Since this was on a Sunday and after hours, the usual vet clinics would probably not be open but fortunately like many areas now, we have an emergency vet clinic not too far away that is open 24 hours during weekends and holidays.

I personally keep all the information including telephone number, address and map of this clinic posted on the side of my fridge for easy access just in case.  It’s very important to know where your local emergency vet clinic is.

Hopefully, training your dog will help keep him or her out of most mischief and trouble but of course accidents still do happen, especially outdoors.  This is why just like for humans where we know where the closest hospital is for us, we should also know where to take our dogs in case of emergencies such as injuries or sudden illnesses.

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