Know Where Your Emergency Vet Clinic Is

Emergency Vet Clinic

One of my neighbour’s dogs, a shih tzu, got sick the other day and started to vomit frequently as well as have diahrea.  It got worse that blood started to show up and the dog owners immediately took him to the local emergency vet clinic where the dog stayed overnight on IV to replace lost fluids.  He was also there for observation as well.

Emergency vet clinics are not cheap as they often charge you $100 or so just for walking in the doors but they are certainly worth it for any pet emergencies if your own vet clinic is closed (or if your own vet is unavailable).  Sometimes depending on the situation, your vet clinic will just advise you to bring your pet straight to the emergency vet clinic instead.  But the key here is to take the time to know where your local emergency vet clinic is and post it somewhere for easy assess.  My local emergency clinic provided a fridge magnet so that’s where I put mine up.

The good news is that my neighbour’s shih tzu is now okay after a few days of being quite weak.  It was probably something that he ingested that caused all the problems.  This also implies that it is a good idea to monitor your dog when outside if possible to see that he or she doesn’t eat anything that shouldn’t be eaten.  Of course, this also means dog proofing your house inside completely to ensure a safe environment at home for your beloved four legged friend.

Potty Training Dogs

So if you got a new puppy, you might be busy in your schedule of potty training dogs but do take a bit of time to research where your closest emergency vet clinic is.  This is something that should be discussed with your own vet when you bring in your new puppy for checkups.  Call them up for this information if you are not bringing in your pet this week.  Get this important task out of the way and then you can resume your activities with your new dog.

Don’t forget that I have free resources to help you on general dog obedience training at my website as well as for potty training dogs.

At the Vet
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