Kennel Cough Vaccine Required Before Going To Dog Parks

#dogs #dog #puppy #puppies #doghealth  —  In the last blog post here, I talked about the huge benefits of dog socialization in terms of your pet’s mental well being as well as physical health and the joys of taking your dog to the local leash free dog parks.  There is one very important fact that I forgot to mention so I better do it here.

It is highly recommended by vets that before you take your dog to your local leash free dog parks, you should make sure that your dog is vaccinated against kennel cough first.  The kennel cough vaccine of course is required as a prerequisite before being allowed to be boarded at any commercial dog kennel facility.  Even if you don’t board your dog during your travels, the vets are saying that the kennel cough vaccine should be administered if your pet will be going to dog parks.

Dogs check each other out in very close proximities to each other in dog parks so it is quite easy for an unvaccinated dog to catch kennel cough from another who happens to have it.  It’s pretty well the same type of thing that happens when humans are around somebody who has a bad cold or flu.

Kennel cough is extremely contagious but fortunately, very treatable.  However, like human coughs, this is not very pleasant for you pet if he or she ends up coughing all the time.

During my entire career as a dog owner so far, I’ve had only one incident with one of my dogs having a cough.  It was with one of my first dogs, either Max or Pepper – I don’t quite remember.  But it was pretty bad as he couldn’t stop coughing all night which in turn kept me up all night.  I don’t think it was kennel cough because only one of my dogs were coughing but the vet said it was an infection of some kind and was easily treated.  In any case, a dog coughing is certainly a dog that is not feeling very comfortable.

So yes, do help your dog have a good fun time at the leash free dog parks but make sure that it is vaccinated against kennel cough first.  My two dogs get the kennel cough vaccine each year and it is administered as a liquid through the nose (not an injection).  Don’t forget to check out my free Basic Dog Obedience Training Video.

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