Keep Dogs Indoors If Scared Of Fireworks

#dogs #dog #puppy #puppies  — Last month, we had a national holiday up here in Canada which was Victoria Day where they had fireworks at night.  I wrote in a previous blog post about dogs and fireworks about how scared my two dogs were of the explosions when I took them outside.  We just had Canada Day on July 1 yesterday which was another fireworks evening and this time, I decided to keep the dogs indoors since I knew they would be scared.

As predicted, once the first explosions started outside, they both reacted.  My girl Roxie pretty well spend the entire time on my lap, sometimes panting as I watched a movie on TV.  Sometimes there would be some minor trembling as well.  Of course, this was not nearly as bad as the last episode during Victoria Day when she was much worse.

Her brother was not as nervous but still uncomfortable.  He barked a few times and ‘stood guard’ either at the window or near the front door.  This was interesting since Roxie is usually the more dominant of the two.

I imagine that my American friends will be having festive Independence Day celebrations on July 4 which also involve fireworks.  If your dogs are scared of explosions, if might be a good idea to keep them indoors as well.  If you are taking them out, definitely have a leash on them because you don’t want them taking off because of fear like my Roxie tried to do last time.

Fireworks do not happen often enough to sensitize the dogs to them so if some dogs are known to be afraid, particularly puppies, just try to minimize the fear level by not only keeping them indoors but maybe have the TV or radio on.

On that note, Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to everyone in Canada and the US this weekend.

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