Just Like Kids When Dogs Go To Sleep

Have you ever noticed that sometimes dogs are just like kids when they go to sleep at night?  My two lhasa apsos sleep in their crates with nice comfortable pillow.  If they are both already inside their crates at bedtime and if I still go to them to say goodnight night, they both will act very differently.

Chester, my boy, will still come out of the crate for some final interaction with me before climbing back inside his crate, ie., always willing to have some ‘goodnight’ interaction.  Roxie on the other hand, once she’s in her crate, she’s not going to come out.  It’s almost like she’s pretending to be sleeping already.  I will still pat her on the head or something and say goodnight but she will remain curled up in her sleeping position.

This is so much like kids.  Some will eagerly interact with parents while some will just pretend to be sleeping after a certain hour (I know because that’s what I did as a kid!).

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