Just A Few More Photos For Housebreaking Your Dog Book

#dogtraining #puppytraining #puppy #puppies #dogs #dog  —  I have shot most of the photos for my upcoming new book on housebreaking your dog with a litterbox.  I just have a few more shots to take but these will be the most challenging since I want to get photos of my dogs in action using their litterbox.

I also need a nice photo of at least one of my dogs sitting near a litterbox for the cover of the book.  As any pet owner can appreciate, taking photos of pets can be challenging.  Getting them to look at the camera is one thing but taking the shot without having them look away, blink or do something like yawn, is something else.

I am please with the photos taken so far as they will add significantly to the text written for this unique housebreaking your dog book.  It will show the setups and equipment I used to housebreak my own two dogs indoors with a litterbox.

I’m also working on a title but I’m going to keep it simple and to the point so that when people see it, there’s no doubt on what it is all about.  I hope to have all the photos taken by this week.

After the shots are taken, I’ll have to edit them to fit an ebook version.  I’ll save the raw images in case I ever decide to do a printed book version.  At this time, I plan to have only an ebook version for this topic.   Editing the photos are time intensive but not difficult with Photoshop software.

What would also take time is formatting the photos with the rest of the text.  There certainly is a lot of work that goes on in addition to writing the actual book itself.  But I will be quite happy with the finished product as it will technically be my fifth book.  This is one book that will help many new dog owners on housebreaking dogs indoors with a litterbox which has become a very viable option.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen my free Basic Obedience Dog Training video yet, sign up for access at the blog sidebar or my Life With Dogs Facebook page.

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