Interviewing Pet Sitters

#dogs #dog #pets — I have a trip to Havana, Cuba in November to do a speaking engagement at an international conference down there.  Of course, I won’t be taking my two dogs with me.  On previous away trips, my pet sitter who also happens to be a vet assistant at the vet clinic we go to, retired from overnight stays.  So I am now interviewing replacement pet sitters.

I found 2-3 potential candidates through the Pet Sitters International website which is an association for professional pet sitters.  I’m going to be interviewing them at my home in the presence of my two dogs so everyone will have a chance to meet.

If none of these potential pet sitters work out, I’m going to have to board them at a kennel in which case we’ll use the kennels my two dogs stayed at before.  I don’t mind putting them there but if I can keep them at home in their surroundings that they are use to, it would be much better.

Fortunately, both of my dogs are potty trained with a litter box at home so they can be left alone all day.  I just need someone to be here overnight so they won’t make noise that will disturb my neighbours.

If it wasn’t for the potential overnight noise, I would let them stay on their own overnight since there are two of them but I don’t trust them to be quiet on their own yet.  This is why we need ‘supervision’ overnight here.

Good thing there is the availability of pet sitters these days.  Not too many are willing to do overnights though so I’m going to build a list of potential backups just in case of scheduling conflicts in the future.  If you are thinking about using the services of a pet sitter, you definitely want to schedule for an interview at your home before making any definite commitments.

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